The Walk Across the United States

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Current Location:
September 18th
Sacramento, California

Global Water Issues


Starting May 17th, James will begin his journey backpacking across country to help raise money for the Philadelphia Serengeti Alliance. All donation will go towards repairing broken wells and training communities how to maintain them in the Mara Region of Tanzania.

There are 307 broken wells in the Mara Region that all have good water quality. Now, we just need to fix them and train the communities to maintain the wells.

James will be using a cart to pull 10 gallons of water or 90lbs for the journey to symbolize the long walks of water women and children do every day to find water.

There are also areas of the United States with water insecurity issues. The route was created to visit those areas. James will be volunteering with nonprofits in Flint, MI to learn more about the water quality issues and why many people live without clean drinking water in Flint, MI.


How To Get Involved

If you are interested in joining James for part of the hike or might know somewhere he can stay the night, feel free to email us at,

We are also looking for people to help with the website and reaching out to media and volunteers. Please email if interested!

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates and if James is getting close to your location.

All media should reach out through email or social media.

The Route

The route is designed to visit areas in the United States with water insecurity issues.

The start is in Scotch Plains, NJ. From there the journey heads north to Canada eventually to Flint, MI. Then from Flint, he will head to Denver, CO. Once over the  Rocky Mountains, James will work his way to the end point, the Golden Gate Bridge.

In total, it is 3,215 miles with the plan of doing 26.2 miles a day. 

The leave date is May 17, 2017 and James should be in San Francisco within 5-6 months. 
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What does James need? Light weight camping gear, high carb diet, and exercise. This includes water purification kits, first aid kit, sleeping bag, one person tent, cooking stove, butane containers, cookware, a pull cart, and two 5 gallon jugs of water.

There will be areas in Utah and Nevada where James does not reach any towns for 100+ miles so having all the water will be necessary.

The best way to get ready is to go on long hikes with a 50lb backpack to get used to the weight. Areas like Colorado and Pennsylvania will have a lot of incline. The mountains and altitude of West Virginia are great training grounds.
Why I Walk

A glass of clean water has always only been a few feet away. Women, regardless if they are hurt, pregnant, or disabled have to get water for their family. Children, mostly girls, as young as 5 are walking to get their family water. The water they bring back is dirty and they are well aware, but its all that is available. Knowing all of this is why I walk. For the chance to help people gain access to clean, local drinking water and train them on water infrastructure is all I want to do with my life.  

Walking with water is a great symbol to show what people have to do everyday in search for water. The 3,215 mile route is the same distance of someone who walks 9 miles a day for a year in search for water.

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