To raise donations for the Philadelphia Serengeti Alliance, we have created the goal of completing a marathon a month for a year while carrying 45lbs of water.
Carrying the 45lbs of water symbolizes the long walks for water women and children do every day.  It takes roughly 6 hours to complete since running is not an option with the added weight.

 This fundraiser began with the New Jersey Marathon on May 1, 2016. The 10th marathon has been completed leaving just two more, the Tobacco Road Marathon in March and Carmel Marathon in April. This has included marathons with 3,500ft of elevation gain, triple and single digit temperatures,  5in of snow during the race, and one starting at midnight.

Each marathon could not of been completed with out the support of the running community, the Marathon Maniacs, volunteer support during races, family, and friends.

For more information, please visit below or read about each marathon in our blog.
Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon
May 1, 2016
Our first marathon completed through the Jersey shore. It rained the entire day and being by the ocean caused strong winds. Wonderful help from family and volunteers made it possible to finish.

Not only was this the first marathon with 45lbs but also James Leitner's first marathon and long distance race.
XTERRA Big Elk Trail Marathon
June 11, 2016
A trail marathon that was triple digit heat and 3,500ft of elevation to climb. A clearly marked trail through parks of Elkton, MD. 

After mile 14, exhaustion occured but remembering who we are running for helped James complete the marathon.
Loonies Midnight Marathon
July 16, 2016
A marathon that starts at midnight through Livingston, TN.
The Midnight Marathon was completed at 6:24am and volunteers in the community stayed out all night to help watch James finish.

There was a man outside his front lawn the whole race handing out bananas that cured James' running wall at 4:30am and helped gain the motivation to finish.
Drake Well Marathon
August 7, 2016
The 4th marathon completed through Oil Creek State Park in Titusville, PA. Some of the most committed volunteers and race organizers for a great event.

James' pace was perfect and his fastest yet. At mile 17, black spots and vertigo caused overwhelmingness. One man who could of finished an hour earlier stuck with James to push him to finish.
Morgantown Marathon
September 18, 2017
A marathon praised for its never ending incline. Hilly Morgantown, WV still could not stop our goal from being accomplished, marking the 5th marathon completed.

The community was extremely supportive creating their own aid stations by schools and churches. As many times you go downhill, you will go uphill.

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Run the Hamptons Marathon
Oct 1, 2016
Our 6th marathon and half year mark was completed through the beautiful South Hamptons and its shore. Strong support from the community and volunteers helped build the motivation to finish.

Only a 2 week break from the last marathon, this event came with strong winds and rain. Thank you for the friends that came to see!
C&O Canal Towpath Marathon
November 13, 2016
A 4 lap marathon through DC by on the C&O canal towpath. The constant encouragment from runners helped finish the 7th marathon as part of our fundraiser.

A very well run marathon by Atlis Sports and local running clubs.
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Rehoboth Seashore Marathon
December 3, 2016
A well supported marathon through the state parks and shores of Rehoboth, DE.  Runners stood in front of James to block head winds and waited until he crossed the finish line to cheer for him.

His greatest memory was getting the chance to do a few miles with Steve Bender, a fighter raising money for the  Firefighter 5 Foundation .
NJ Trail Watchung Winter Marathon
January 7, 2017
It snowed 5in during the marathon, it was single digit temperatures, and there was 2,500ft to climb. Yet with encourgament from family and friends, we finished our 9th marathon.

The trail was hard to see with all the snow, and all the coolers, snacks, and 5 gallon jug of water turned into ice. Family, friends, and M&Ms helped James.
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GW's Birthday Marathon
​February 19, 2017
A well organized marathon by the DC Roadrunners through the rural area of Greenbelt, Maryland. A hilly route and later start still could not stop James from finishing, bringing us to the 10th marathon and 10th month complete.

Even though the hills were not big, they were long which made them harder. The marathon started at 10am causing hunger and vertigo to hit James hard for miles 9-17.
Tobacco Road Marathon
March 19, 2017
A marathon through the Tobacco Road Trail in Cary, NC. The race started at 7am and was inviting with a beautiful sunrise. All of the runners and volunteers were wonderful and constantly cheering everyone one. This is the 11th marathon completed while carrying 45lbs of water.

James gained his motivation to continue from the amazing volunteers. When he was in mile 21, the volunteers were still enthusiastic, playing music, and dancing. He was amazed considering they have been standing there helping runners for 5hrs.
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Carmel Marathon
April 22, 2017
The 12th marathon marking the marathon for a month for a year milestone while carrying 45lbs of water. In total, 314 miles are completed while carrying our favorit blue jug of water.

A race where every mile is different and each turn has posters and people waiting to cheer you on. Nature trails encompassed a good portion of the marathon helping James relax and keep on moving.
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