The Walk Across the United States

​James finished the walk in San Francisco, CA on October 6th, 2017!

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Global Water Issues

What's Next


On May 17th, James started his journey backpacking across the United States to help raise donations towards repairing broken wells and training communities in Tanzania. After crossing 4 mountain ranges, The Great Plains,  and The Great Basin Desert, James arrived in San Francisco finishing on Oct 6th.

To symbolize the long walks women and children do everyday, James will be pulled 10 gallons across the whole country. This made his gear a total of 140lbs.

This trip took him 143 days to complete. The total distance he covered (3,250 miles) is the same amount someone in Africa walks in a year to get water. It is a symbolic way of saying a women or child spends 143 days of the year just getting water, instead of working or going to school.

This trip gave him the oppurtunity to learn about water issues in the United States. He volunteered in Flint, MI to gain a first hand experience at lead contamination. He learned about farmers in the middle of lawsuit battles in Nebraska over rivers drying up every year. He met locals who have had their wells poisoned by gas companies.
The reality of water in the US is a hard truth to grasp, at least we have the influence to change it.


The trip is completed but the work is only beginning. Now we can spend time in the office to get things organized and ready.

We are also starting to build contacts in different countries. Many exciting things to happen very soon!
How To Get Involved

There are many ways of getting involved including becoming a monthly donor, hosting your own fundraiser, or requesting him to come speak. Feel free to email us at,

All donations are going towards clean water efforts in Tanzania.

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All media can reach out through email or social media.
​​Even though the trip has been completed, the campaign is still open for donations! We have been selected for UPS Wishes Delivered program. They are helping us deliver our wish or providing clean drinking water to the world. They are making a short documentary to showcase the trip and reach a new audience.

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Why We Walk

A glass of clean water has always only been a few feet away. Women, regardless if they are hurt, pregnant, or disabled have to get water for their family. Children, mostly girls, as young as 5 are walking to get their family water. The water they bring back is dirty and they are well aware, but its all that is available. Knowing all of this is why we walk. For the chance to help people gain access to clean, local drinking water and train them on water technology.  

The average person in Africa uses 5 gallons of water. By pulling 10 gallons across the whole country, this resembles enough for a family. Walking 3,250 miles is the same distance someone in Africa walks in a year.
UPS Wishes Delivered

The UPS Wishes Delivered program finds role models in the community and helps deliver their wish. Our wish is to provide the world with clean drinking water.

They discovered our trip and are helping us deliver our wish. They are making a documentary about the Walk Across America and are going to help us reach our donations goal.

They also sponsored a well project in Kenya under James Leitner's name where we will be traveling to see the project and help provide the Kalinii Secondary School with clean water.


To raise donations for the Philadelphia Serengeti Alliance, we have created the goal of completing a marathon a month for a year while carrying 45lbs of water.

Carrying 45lbs of water symbolizes the long walks for water women and children do every day. This amount of water is what one person needs for their everyday use in Africa.

This fundraiser began with the New Jersey Marathon on May 1, 2016. The 12th marathon was completed in April, the Camel Marathon. This included marathons with 3,500ft of elevation gain, triple and single digit temperatures,  5in of snow during the race, and one starting at midnight. Each marathon took about 6 hours to complete.

Each marathon could not of been completed with out the support of the running community, the Marathon Maniacs, volunteer support during races, family, and friends.

Read about each marathon in our blog. Each blog posts covers a different marathon showing the unique challenges and wonderful people that ran with us.

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