Donate to help provide clean water to the Mara Region of Tanzania.

All donations will go towards well rehabilitation and education.

What Donating Provides


By donating you are helping provide clean water. No more bacteria or dirt will be in the water providing something clean to drink and a healthy community.


With less time searching and cleaning water, women have the chance to get an occupation, be involved in their community, or spend more time with their family. Girls have the chance to gain an education.


Children have the oppurtunity to go to school and gain the education they would miss from getting water all day.


By donating you are eliminating the long walks for water providing the chance for a child to go to school and a women to gain a new role in their community.


By donating you are helping establish and train a Water User Committee. They are in charge of taking care of their water project, repairing any broken parts, and holding community meetings.


Once a water project is complete, they are given lifelong clean water. With proper management this can create job oppurtunities, prosperity, and education.
All donations from the Walk Across America trip will be going towards helping repair broken wells and provide proper training to the community to maintain the wells for a lifetime. This method will provide long lasting clean water.

If we reach our donations goal, we can complete 7 well projects and provide training for all the communities.

A collection of photos from previous work the Philadelphia Serengeti Alliance has completed. 
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